Our History of 89 years of Quality and Trustworthy Business
Joseph M. Hayden Associates, Inc. is an independent manufacturers’ representative firm serving clients in the safety, contractor, industrial and rental supply markets. With over 89 years of experience representing quality manufacturers, Joseph M. Hayden Associates serves  clients in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C and Northern Virginia. 

Following his graduation from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in economics, Joe Hayden entered the United States Air Force as a Commissioned Officer. Joe completed his tour of duty, at the time of his father’s retirement, in 1958, and inherited the loyal customers, excellent products and expansive territory that his father had built up since the 1930’s. In 1960, he founded Joseph M. Hayden Associates, Inc. enabling him to increase both product offerings and quality service in an expanded marketplace.

Joseph M. Hayden Associates has now grown to be a family-owned and operated business. Marty Hayden began joined the firm full time in 1980, upon receiving a degree in economics at the University of Delaware. Mike Hayden joined the firm in June 1991, after receiving a degree in business economics from the University of Delaware. Pleased and proud to contribute to the continuing success of the organization, Marty and Mike provide the same quality representation and service that Joe has offered for over forty years.  

In 2010, the formation of Hayden and Associates evolved and continues to thrive under the leadership and vision with Mike at the helm. Joining the team as inside sales and office assistance is Mike's wife, Allison Hayden.
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